Saturday, March 19, 2011

Whats been happening

Well it has been along time since i last posted, don't worry I am still going. But to find out what has been going on stay tuned for an update this week.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bureta Physiotherapy comes onboard

I am very pleased to announce that I have recently gained the support of a new Sponsor Bureta Physiotherapy.

Bureta Physio are my local physio provider, and were responisble for getting me back on my feet after my hip injury last year. They have also been fantastic in keeping all the niggles that come with training under control. It is a very exciting partnership for me as it comes as their newly renovated clinic is completed. Bureta Physio will now have a larger gym where I can work on specific muscle strenthening and imbalances. I will also be able to utilise new staff member Diego - an olympic qualified sports massage therapist and fitness trainer - working in both these roles, including both one on one and two on one personal training, small group classes of box fit, circuit training, weight loss, bootcamps and abnominal and back classes.

The newly renovated clinic is to be completely finished by mid September. With it comes an ability to focus on not only sports physiotherapy with silicon coach setup etc but also overall health and wellbeing and injury prevention which makes it a perfect fit for my self.

Thanks for your support.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jamis Bikes, a force to be reckoned with.

I have the privilege of being supported by a number of awesome companies, for which i am truly thankful. One of these sponsors, Jamis Bicycles are responsible for supplying me with the fantastic bikes that help me set those fast bike splits on race day.

Anyway the last 6 months I have coped a bit of flack about the Jamis. Just because it is not one the so called "brands to have" which populate transitions around NZ like sheep do our countryside. Sure Jamis might not be a huge brand in triathlon yet but it should be a force to be reckoned with. I have a number of interesting facts that will have certain people (shall i name and shame?) think twice before dropping in those cheeky Jamis comments on the next training ride.

Over the last twelve months Jamis Bicycles have achieved....

- 1st Place - 2010 Men's NZ elite road Cycle Championship's

- 1st Place Stage 2 Tour of Southland 2009, in Yellow Jersey for 3days and finished 2nd Overall

- Ridden to the fastest ever ironman distance time by a New Zealander

- Won Xterra New Zealand 2009

- Ridden to 2nd Fastest Overall Bike Time at Ironman NZ 2009

- Ridden to Fastest Age Group and 10th Overall Bike Spilt at Ironman NZ

Not bad for a fairly new brand into the triathlon and road market. I mean face it a lot of people buy bikes based on how fast they go at big races or what they have won. Considering it is not in peloton at the big tours yet it is pretty good.
Watch for more top results during 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Whitianga Training Weekend

The past weekend myself and a few of the boys made our way up to the Coromandel town of Whitianga for a tough training weekend. Whitianga is a really cool place, one that i could of got used to hanging around in. Good weather, good food, good suroundings and great training.

But the real reason for the trip was to knock out a big ride on a famed 190km ride right round the Coromandel called K2. The crew was made up of a group of guys putting the final touches on their Ironman NZ preperation. I was more focused on Half Ironman races coming up and was dragged into the the journe. Ok so i wasn't really dragged, I voluteered and saw it as a good way to get in a tough long ride.

It was a rather eventful weekend with the highlight being a new wheel for Duane being choppered in (Yess by a Helicopter)by his mate Shacks to Thames airport half way through the K2 ride. It was all rather entertaining really and pretty cool, I bet Lance probably does not even get that privleage. Duane thanks for breaking a spoke and Shacks thanks for getting up from your possy by the side of the pool to fly it in. (He turned around early siting a lack of form).

An afternoon by the pool and relaxing in our lush accomodation on the Whitianga waterfront followed.

The next morning we jumped on the Ferry that travels between Whitianga and Cooks Beach and proceeded to try and loose our selves on tough 2 hour run. It is always exiciting to go running up in the Coromandel as it is usually a little different. Last time there was swimming across estuarys and bashing thru heavy bush to find a track. This time wasn't much different really however the oppurtunity to swim across the estuary was declined. However we did go for a wee mud run and get lost on some farmers driveway which resulted in laps around his avocado orchard.

A good hard weekend then to set myself up for my final preperations toward Auckland Half Ironman in March. It was also good to see the ironman boys going well, and i am looking forward to watching them down in Taupo come March 6th. To the guys Duane, CK, Craig, Scotty and Shacks thanks for a solid weekend.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TOP 10 at POT Half Ironman

This past weekend I raced to my first TOP 10 finish in the pro/elite feild at the Port of Tauranga Half Ironman. This was pretty special for me as 6 weeks ago my whole season was on the ropes with a hip injury that was proving hard to sort out.

However with the help of the specialists I got back into some decent training and with only 5 weeks of running under my belt I finished in a personal best of 4hr 06 minutes and 9th in the Eilte feild.

Swim: 30:52 Ride: 2:12 Run 1:22.29

Stay tuned for a full race report soon.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

As I start the last day of 2009, I can look back on they year and say that is has been pretty eventful. It has been a year that has had all the ups and downs of training and racing. From the High of qualifying for the Ironman World Champs at Ironman NZ to the low of an injury that not only derailed my Kona aspirations but could of easily put an end to any future ironman races. Along the way there was also the acquisition of new sponsors, Half Marathon PB's, amazing overseas experiences and to end the year a couple of race wins.

So to highlight my 2009, i have put together my top 5 moments.

1. Winning my age group at Ironman NZ and qualifying for Ironman World Champs.

2. The 3 weeks in Kona for the Ironman World Champs. What an awesome experience, and a great crew to share it with also.

3. Finishing the Ironman World Champs. (Every ironman finish is a highlight)

4. Gaining the supprt of my first big sponsor, ENZA and Turners and Growers. Thanks team

5. The All Whites qualifying for the Soccer World Cup. (Its not all about triathlon).

I will put an hounourable mention in there for the sheep shearing cartoon that is funny as (oh yeahh!), and the screen door incident and the laughs it bought on. I will cop it if i don't mention it.

Heres to an awesome 2010.

Happy New Year everyone and take care over the holidays.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Pain in the Hip.

The last few weeks have very much been about slowly getting back into training and working on my injured hip that slowed me down in Kona. After what has been 6 weeks since the big race I have finally got to the bottom of the injury. After bouncing off various sporting specialists which concluded with a trip to see the Surgeon in Auckland last week, I have been diagnosed with a femoractebaular impingement - or in other words the head of my femur has been impinging on my hip joint becuse it is not symetrical.

There has been alot to get my head around, however in no terms is this serious. Alot of strengthing work around the joint and visits to the Physio have got me back up and running pain free. I am now free to train over the next 6 weeks towards the Tauranga Half Ironman before it assessed again.

It has been a very frustrating time as i have not really known where is was going to be heading and the health system in NZ doesn't really help as everything takes so long to happen. It aslo doesn't help that our government changed ACC regulations, thanks National, I hope our taxes come down now. However the team of specialists I have been seeing have been fantastic and with all there hard work I am back up and running.

Bring on summer and the season ahead.